Reverse Ageing | Youth Elixir Activation Guided Meditation


Duration 32:03mins


If you are listening for the 1st time or need a reminder of the basis of this meditation, before beginning, please read the description below:

On a physical level our bodies renew continuously. On energetic level, which is then followed by the physical, everything we create is through our focus and there is no reason in the world why you couldn’t focus yourself into a version of you that you prefer. There is no science to prove uncontrollability; all scientists can say is that we yet don’t know how to do it. Therefore – anything is possible.

Limits are artificial and not real and we do not have to accept them. We need to challenge the idea of our limits and in doing that we will be able to shift our expectations of our reality which will now bring more creativity, vitality, optimism and well-being. Improved visions, younger appearance, weight loss, increased longevity are just five of the many experimental results that are a consequence of these subtle changes. Study that took over 4 decades by Harvard psychology professor Dr Ellen Langer, showed that mental attitude can reverse the effects of aging and we can think ourselves younger and improve physical health.

At this point many of us are aware of one of the Universal laws – law of attraction and how similar thoughts attract each other and how we get what we believe and think about. And now that we know this, we can apply this law fully for our benefit. When practicing thoughts and feelings of the age you want to be, your body has no other option but to succumb. We have to redefine age and we have to no longer care how many years we moved through time but rather care about our alignment, a state of being, feeling of being, then we can become, in a sense, ageless.

Youth and vitality IS within us. It’s not something we once had and use up with time, it is simply that many of us forget about it and gradually through observation focus into a decline. That’s why there are so many different people of the same age looking different, despite their genetics. We see more of ageless people that has many wondering – what is ageing? And I believe ageing as we understand it is changing and it needs to be redefined further. For this mediation I would like to focus more on youth rather than age, therefore the word we will focus on will be youth. So what is youth and how can we keep more of it? I truly believe it is within us from our first until our last day here on Earth. It does not hide within us, there is no secret to unlocking it. It’s a matter of focus.

We all fall short from our own stereotypes about aging and health. We mindlessly accept negative cultural beliefs about aging and disease, and these beliefs shape our behavior, thoughts and reality. If we can free from the negative clichés that dominate our thinking about health, we can “mindfully” open ourselves to possibilities for more productive lives even into old age. Youth is beyond our skin and appearance, it is primarily in our thoughts, behaviours, observations, beliefs and then the appearance follows to reflect what we feel and think about. Becoming youthful is a game of alignment to those feelings of happiness and a little bit of creativity and visualisation. If we increase our mindfulness, we increase our creativity, our effectiveness, our health and our overall well-being. You may not focus yourself into exactly what you looked like 10 or 20 years ago (but remember, it is not impossible), however you can become far more youthful than you are, starting with right now, with this mediation. In addition, take up new youthful habits that you can enjoy and which will help to be more pro youth, these are the subtle signals and cues for our mind to think younger and of course body will follow to reflect this mindset.

It is possible to be healthy and happy until we transition a.k.a. die. Most people die not of diseases or old age but from being afraid of diseases and old age. So let’s press a restart youth button today and every day. Let’s enjoy healthier bodies, attitudes and let’s fill our lives with youth – we all can!

(If you have any age related issues, I want you to do your best to forget about them all by tuning into your youth that is undoubtedly residing within you. Unlock it by closing your eyes and feeling your way into the memories of youth.)

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