Rasa Lukosiute is the voice of Pura Rasa, writer and editor of guided meditations found here, on YouTube and on Pura Rasa Meditation app. Her guided meditations range from sleep aid, stress relief, personal transformation, spirit connection, healing, law of attraction and many more. Rasa is a qualified life coach and a Yoga teacher. Rasa’s interests are human and animal psychology, science, psychic development, learning about the purpose and function of the mind, body and soul.

From a young age Rasa sought to express her sense of this world, experiences and hopes through writing. Influenced by the core values passed on from her grandmother, Rasa began her inquisitive journey, exploring deeper layers of her existence. Meditation came later in Rasa’s life and completely transformed not only her health and wellbeing but her whole life.

Rasa was born and raised in the west of Lithuania that shares a unique dialect and beautiful landscapes. Feeling blessed to have grown up surrounded by nature, forming a strong bond with natural elements. She believes Lithuania nurtured and prepared her to create and to offer content found on Pura Rasa. Later, she moved to live in Ireland and then Northern Ireland. It was there where first seeds were planted in the form of audio and video recordings. In the last few years Rasa calls Bali her home where she continues to write and create guided meditations shared with the online community. ‘It is my fulfilment to create and to share what comes through me. It is my purpose. And I am grateful for each listener who allows me to be part of their journey’.

You can download free meditations today from our Resources section and begin your journey towards clarity, peace and contentment.

Rasa (Lithuanian) – Dew
Pura – Pure, Whole

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