Manifest Anything In 5 Steps, Exceptionally Power Guided Meditation


Duration 35:00 mins

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Manifestation is something that happens all the time, we don’t have to think about it much, that is how reality comes to be. However, if there’s something specific that we do want, by focusing just a little, we absolutely can manifest, create the reality we want. And this is what this meditation is for. Currently, there are a few key points to successful manifestation:

1. Establishing a Clear Goal
2. Never Entertaining Doubt
3. Using Affirmations & Visualisation
4. Taking Inspired Action
5. Expressing Gratitude for what has already been received

This guided meditation was created carefully, and has all the 5 points for your successful manifestation. You can listen to this guided meditation at any time of the day or night. Namaste.

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