24 Strand DNA Activation & Manifestation | Ultimate Healing | Solfeggio 528Hz Frequency Infused


Duration 8:30mins


By activating the DNA, more of our full potential comes alive, both in your genetic consciousness and in our mental capacity. By activating our DNA fully we are able to heal, even experience spontaneous healing and to become fully enlightened and suddenly have amazing insights, fully develop all of our senses, become completely connected with ourselves and the universe we live in. It also helps to simply get rid of bad habits and perfect our character.

This manifestation was given to Dr Scott Werner by St. Germaine to assist all humans to create 24 strand perfected DNA within our bodies, with the intent to evolve into homo-luminous, the original, perfect human body, making us invincible and to receive many health benefits. Dr Scott believes that using faith and emotion we can manifest an additional 24 strands of deeply perfected human DNA.

This DNA Manifestation practice that is listened to or read once per day for 12 x 12 or 144 consecutive days to activate 24 strand or 12 helix DNA to re-establish the true and original human. Each 12 times we remove our damaged DNA and replace it with 2 strands of the perfected DNA and each 12 times we get 2 more of strands of perfected DNA.

Dr Scott Werner himself as well as others have already benefited from this practice on a grand level and it is my purpose to continue to share this and any other information that would help heal and become what we are meant to be.

This audio is infused with healing Solfeggio 528Hz sounds that helps to repair the body and cells in your body.

Pura Rasa

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