Body & Mind Healing Guided Meditation | The Healing Cylinder Of Light


Duration 39mins


Get wrapped in the warm light of healing where your mind and body become weightless, full of space for healing and regeneration. Use this any time you feel fear, pain or tension about your body and/or your mind.

Remember: not every sensation my body is a bad sensation, transformation can also be felt physically. You can also visualise bringing someone with you, someone who you wish healing for, whether it is physical or mental.

This meditation came to me in need of healing and I personally experienced what some may call spontaneous or miracle healing/relief. Listening to this meditation is just one part. Secondly, it is important after the meditation to practice positive image and feel the powerful capabilities of your body to heal itself. This is part of your healing process – know that your body heals itself every single day, listen to its messages, love and respect your body by responding to its signals and requests accordingly.

I wish you wellbeing and peace.

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